The Fastest and Easiest-to-Use Software for Adding Voice Narration to PowerPoint® and e-Learning Courses

Automatic voice-over software converts any text to lively and motivating narration immediately, - any time, any place, - without any microphone recording or voice talents.

This amazing and unique PowerPoint® add-in also syncs the narration with PPT animations, and generates captions and speaker notes.

Speech-Over 5

"Short technical/repair training modules that took us a month or more to develop and schedule voice-over, now literally take us just days to develop start to finish, right on the desktop."

CheckPointIconMark Hoefle, Lead Courseware Developer, Check Point Software Technologies.

"The tool is so easy to use and has features that allow you to be as creative as you want."

MotorolaIconCathy Hurley, Training Developer, Motorola

"An easy, smart and effective plugin for PowerPoint."

VEGAlogoWolfgang Werner, Technical Documentation, VEGA Grieshaber KG

New: PPT Motion Paths Synched with Speech-Over Narration


PowerPoint motion paths can be easily synchronized with Speech-Over audio narration and explanations to create effective and motivating animated e-learning - quickly and easily.

Here is an example of an animation produced with PowerPoint and Speech-Over. →

Advantages for e-Learning and Training Courses

  • Generates narration from script text immediately - any time, any place. Learn more ...

  • Develop and preview narration content during course development instead of adding a recording at the end.

  • Plug-in to PowerPoint - easy to learn and easy to use.

  • 50% savings in development time and 75% in updates.

  • Use with Articulate®, Captivate®, i-Spring®, and Camtasia®. Learn more ...

  • Text-to-speech narration that sounds professional. Learn more...

  • Commercial TTS license at a great price. Learn more ...

  • Return on investment after one project.

  • More...

Why Speech-Over?

Principles for the Best E-Learning

One of the early gurus of e-learning, Prof. Richard E. Mayer, defined the principles of great e-learning - which are valid to this day:

  1. Use words and graphics rather than words alone (Multimedia)

  2. Present words as audio narration rather than on-screen text (Modality)

  3. Synchronize spoken words with corresponding graphics (Contiguity)

Modality - Audio Narration Superior to On-Screen Text

Narrated e-learning brings classroom teaching to the computer. It could be a recorded video of a lecture or an animated presentation to which a lecturer's audio track has been recorded, added and synched.

There are many reasons why narrated e-learning is better than text-based e-learning.

  • Visual overload - In text-based e-learning, it is difficult to read text and view graphics at the same time.

  • More content - The narration delivers much more content. A two minute slide can have 300 spoken words but not more than 50 words of readable text.

  • Captures attention - The narrator's voice captures the learner's attention, sets a pace and motivates learning.

  • Better understanding - The narrator uses phrasing and articulation in their speech to bring out the exact meaning of the material in a way that text cannot do.

Problem: Because of time and cost constraints of voice recording many companies opt to skip the Modality principle and settle for text-based e-learning. :-(

The Solution: Speech-Over

Speech-Over overcomes the constraints of time and cost of voice recording in narrated e-learning by using TTS to create and update a narrator's voice track more quickly and inexpensively than by recording. :-) 

Try Speech-Over today.

Speech-Over Narration Software For Any User

Speech-Over Professional
Speech-Over Professional US English

Rapid and cost effective narration software for producing audio presentations and videos for business, education and training in institutions, corporations and government. Includes Acapela premium TTS voices Tracy and Rod with commercial license. Now $299.

Speech-Over Professional German

with German voices Julia and Klaus.

Speech-Over Professional Danish

with Danish voices Mette and Rasmus.

Speech-Over Professional Indian English

with Indian English voices Deepa and Graham.

Speech-Over Personal
Speech-Over Personal US English

Low cost professional narration software for producing audio presentations and videos for home, family, school and community. Includes Heather and Ryan, premium quality TTS voices from Acapela Group with a personal license for using the voice. Only $99.

Speech-Over Cool
Speech-Over Cool US English

Low-cost voice-over software for those new to text-to-speech narration in presentations. Great for producing audio presentations and videos for any application. Has all the features of the professional version. Includes cool MS Speech Platform TTS voices with unrestricted license. $99.

Speech-Over Supreme
Speech-Over Supreme US English

Rapid and cost effective narration software for producing audio presentations and videos for sale. Includes Acapela premium TTS voices Rod and Tracy with unlimited redistribution license. $220/month.

Training Managers and Course Developers
Trust and Rely on Speech-Over


Training managers and course developers in companies like CheckPoint, Motorola, Otis Elevator, and VEGA Grieshaber KG, trust and rely on Speech-Over.

Watch the video and hear what they have to say.